Russian children receiving their school supplies.
   Ugandan girls in need of shelter and education.
   Educating people from Malawi to grow their own food.
   Girls in Nepal will receive a better education.
   Filipino children in remote schools now have computers.
   Radiation meter next to homes in Fukushima, Japan
   Helping children in a orphanage
   One of the surprise monthly packages from Lev Haolam
   Susanne with some of her orphaned children in India

RUSSIA discovered a non-profit organization in Russia named Rostok. Rostok is a charity that aims to integrate special needs children from orphanages in Russia back into society. The members of Rostok began their work in Belskoye Ustye orphanage in 2000. They registered the charity in January 2005 in order to implement a growing number of projects. Today, Rostok is made up of regional specialists: orphanage staff, psychologists, psychiatrists, social workers and others, all convinced that the Russian orphanage system needs to be reformed.

Since 2000 Rostok has been helping special needs children receive extra-curricular education and extra medical assistance, beyond the framework of government support. will hold special events to raise money to support Rostok in their efforts to help the children of Belskoye Ustye Orphanage.

UGANDA provides support and supplies to help girls who are under the care of Wakisa Ministries in Uganda. Wakisa Ministries is a Christian organization that helps empower young people to achieve their life long objectives in Uganda. Our organization engaged with Wakisa Ministries to help send young women to St. Michael's High School and further their education. pays for their High School tuition and school supplies.


MALAWI seek to partner with local, non-governmental organizations that promote household-level permaculture and agroecology systems in Malawi through demonstration, education, outreach and advocacy.

The goal is to educate individuals and communities on how to improve nutrition, income generation and environmental health, in a country where 80% of the population are subsistence farmers.

Our collective vision is for all Malawian communities to have the ability and knowledge to creatively pursue their own path towards achieving food security and diversity, economic stability, and productive healthy environments.

NEPAL is currently working with a non-profit organization in Nepal named AZEN (Active Citizen Nepal). AZEN promotes citizenship, excellence and a new generation of fresh thinking and action. The "Zen" in AZEN symbolizes a universal thought that teaches awakening of the self.

At this moment, and AZEN are supporting girls education in the Mugu district of Nepal. Dr. Manju Thapa Tuladhar, in charge of this project for AZEN, met with our organization at the NCDD Conference in San Francisco, CA in August 2006. She has been associated with since that time and we look forward to providing more help in the coming years.

PHILIPPINES is presently involved in a computer project in the Philippines :

Schools in Cebu, Philippines : We are continuing our support of children's education and also wish to expand our work to provide computers to the various schools in remote areas of the Philippines. So far to 1 of over 7,100 islands named Cebu.

Brett T. Conway is our Technical Director in the Philippines and's webmaster. He permanently resides in Cebu with his family and has been living there for over 7 years and wishes to expand in providing more computers, books and clothing to the other islands as soon as Cebu is taken cared of first. Click Here To See Some Photos Of The Computers Donated to The Philippines


You may know there are about 300,000 children and 2 million people living in the Fukushima prefecture in Japan today. At least 3% of the children have already developed thyroid cancer and 35% of children are reported to have some cysts, which may have been caused by the exposure to radiation. together with Fukujidou also a NPO which foster care for infant, children and adolescents in Fukushima, Japan independently measure the radiation level of the children's homes. Even the low level of radiation could damage young children's health. Preventive measures, early stage detection & treatments are necessary. They provide various health care services for these children.

VIETNAM is helping a children's orphanage named Chua Loc Tho: Loc Tho Pagoda Orphanage, a Charity School in Vietnam. The children and the elderly are in search for hope and affection from anyone caring enough to understand their situation and what they are going through at the moment with a helping hand from others willing to help to get them back on their feet with proud and dignity.




Lev Haolam is an organization that supports local Jewish business owners in Judea and Samaria who are suffering because of the anti-Israel Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions (BDS) movement.'s President Shalom Chon together with Lev Haolam gives the opportunity to support Jewish pioneers and their families through a Surprise Monthly Package Project. Members receive monthly packages filled with goods produced by the families and small businesses of Judea and Samaria.



In India many children are hungry for food and in need of a safe place to sleep. Besides that they are also in need of a loving hug, a smile, a sense of belonging, an identity of their own, safety, and the most important of all 'Love'.

Susanne Eijlander, the founder of Beit Shalom and together with, is helping Beit Shalom’s Mission, which is to rescue orphan children in India and restoring their childhoods by raising them to be good citizens and disciples. Beit Shalom is not just another home for unwanted children, but a family and believes that Every Child Deserves a Chance to Live!