Our mission is to help disadvantaged men, women and children around the world receive the education and resources needed to lead better lives.
Dear Friends and Families,


HOPE is the belief that together, we can make the world better. But it takes a great deal of Courage to Hope! -Rabbi J. Sacks

Since the global education name underwent a change 22 years ago from the Mercury Institute International to International Ambassadress for Community Education and Development, we have in last 9 years walked with our children and women in Japan, Nepal, Philippines, Russia, Uganda, and newly with Vietnam.

Reflecting in 2015, so many things have happened. We at IAM-CED.org are always looking for new challenges that keeps us busy because there are many great projects to create for our global children in the future. Here is what we have been doing:

1. Global Youth Education Programs was introduced January 1st, 2015. The American youth started a sustainable permaculture installation in Middletown, CA

2. June 30th we created the Global Honored Society in the USA, to create funds for on going projects.

3. The Fukushima Kids projects will continue to be in the new locations in Japan in 2016.

So what is the fundamental principle of Education? The word EDUCATE, derived from Latin, means to draw out. Knowledge has to be drawn out of students. Students need time to pause, think, analyze and digest information that is given to them. Knowledge acquired this way stays with them. It becomes their own. A liberal and flexible form of question and answer sessions has proven the most effective way in communicating knowledge.

Few understand that knowledge proceeds from the known to unknown. An unknown entity can be known only through known factors. Intelligence is built in an individual by gaining information, knowledge from external sources. Distinct and different from intelligence is the intellect.

We need the intellect to think, plan and program ones life, with the available knowledge. The process of thinking should ideally start at an early age and be nurtured with the study of the impeccable truths of life. Accept those that appeal to logic and reason. Adopt this procedure throughout life.

Humankind needs a strong intellect to exercise the right choice of action in life. Far above its sovereignty in the world the intellect has the unique capacity to even transcend the world and reach the ultimate state of spiritual Enlightenment.

Parents and teachers have a duty and responsibility to help students find and develop their individual nature and talent, at an early age.

Educational institutions therefore need to maintain an equitable balance between acquisition of intelligence and developing an intellect. This is our goal of Global Youth Education!

As we all know Learning is a process of making quantum leaps beyond the subjective self and with this Global Youth Education Summit it will be about classes of unity of humanities.

The purpose for the GYES classes is about removing the youth from a non-existence state and granting them to a true and independent existence.

Every day it is necessary to perform an action to awaken what must be awakened.

We wish you all a Wonderful and Fruitful New Year!

Machiko M. Conway
President/CEO IAM-CED.org