Dear Friends,

Can you say that you are a donor ?

Have you ever asked yourself :

  • How can I provide support for the women and children in Africa, Asia and Eastern Europe who need education so that they can profoundly change their lives and to sustain themselves in an environmentally sound way?
  • What can I offer to these people?
  • How do I change the world that we live in now and in the future for the children?

At the moment, we are engaged to:

  • Japan, Fukujidou "An NPO Foster Care for Infant, Children and Adolescents in Fukushima, Japan".


  • Russian orphans at Belskoye Ustye Orphanage to support in educational programs.


  • Uganda, at Wakisa Ministry for young girls education.


  • Malawi, For all Malawian communities to have the ability and knowledge to creatively pursue their own path towards achieving food security and diversity, economic stability, and productive healthy environments.


  • Philippines, Manlapay National High School, Limut-Od Elementary School with clothing and school supplies, such as books, Computers and other educational needs.


  • Nepal, Citizen Conversation-Pilot project proposed for education of rural youth and democratic engagement skills. Mugu district Girls education.


  • Vietnam, Loc Tho Pagoda, Orphanage and Charity School-Nah Trang in Northern Vietnam.


  • Israel,\\\'s President Shalom Chon together with Lev Haolam gives the opportunity to support Jewish pioneers and their families through a Surprise Monthly Package Project.


  • India, Susanne Eijlander, the co-founder of Beit Shalom and together with, is helping Beit Shalom’s Mission, which is to rescue orphan children in India and restoring their childhoods by raising them to be good citizens and disciples.


  • India, Eva Alexander, the co-founder, director, and field worker of The Comforter is associated with Susanne Eijlander and She is capacitating women and adolescent girls into education, livelihood, development of life skills, and empowering them to seek healthcare and social security initiatives.


  • Hawaii, President Shalom Cohn, has created a Maui relief project here on and volunteered with the director and founder Noelani Ahia of Maui Medic Healers Hui. Shalom has been recently deployed to Maui to offer relief with her emergency medical knowledge and experience to the fires victims affected in the area.


Please indicate which project you wish to donate. is extending support for the causes above and many others. Our non-profit organization strives to build revenue through sponsorship in order to achieve our mission and improve current programs and events. But this is not easy.

New international projects are being created, and your contribution is the single most important component of our service. Your gift of any amount makes it possible for us to continue to support these projects. Only with your support can we continue to bring vital knowledge to the most needful in our world.

Come with us and let\\\'s start making a difference together. If want to be a member, you may contribute with the donation button located on this page or Click Here and just print it out and fill out the donation form and send it to us. Your contribution is tax deductible. Thank you very much for your support!

Love & Gratitude,

Machiko M. Conway
Vice President/Adviser